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Day 1: You Take The First Step

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Today is the day you take action! Lets get started by booking your free assessment

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Day 2: Free Assessment Session

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Meet your D8 Training coach to discuss goals and programs. Perform an indepth assessment to get an understanding of your current weaknesses and strengths. Experience a 30min workout to get a feel of what D8 Training is all about.


Day 4: Your First Group Session

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Congrats on making some new friends! Take in the community and see how it feels to belong to a group of fit-minded people. You have now showed up to 2 sessions and pushed yourself on both occasions.


Week 2: A critical time

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You might be feeling a little sore at this point, but that’s a good thing. Your body is adapting to your new level of fitness. By now you have a good taste of what D8 training is all about. You have reached a critical point in your journey, you are starting to form new habits and its crucial to keep going.


Week 4 : Progress is clearly visible

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Congratulations, you’ve been with D8 Training for 30 days and it’s been eye opening. You have learned a ton! You are already seeing huge progress at day 30. You are even more excited to put in the work because you are surrounded by an entire community that is supporting and pushing you to be your best!


Week 8: A stronger, faster, more athletic you!

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After two months of steady work, you’ve learned to do things you never thought you could. You are stronger, faster, and more athletic than you were before. Time to celebrate your new lifestyle of reaching milestones, pushing toward your potential, achieving PRs (personal records), and so much more!


Week 12: Its just what you do

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By now your habits are becoming routine. Going to the gym is “just what you do.” You have made some gym friends and are looking forward to each and every session to continue to challenge yourself even further. You see the benefit of putting in more effort on nutrition and recovery. Your team mates and the opposition teams are starting to take notice of all the hard work you have been putting in!


Year 1: The results are undeniable.

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It has been 1 year of consitantly showing up and putting in the work . You are in the best shape of your life and the best part is you realize that because of the person you have transformed into over the past year, this is only the beginning of how great you can become! You are dominating in your sport and everyone has taken notice.


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